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Together, Special Olympics and accessiBe have released a collaborative mini-series highlighting the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 and driving conversation surrounding the importance of accessibility.
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2022 Special Olympics USA Games wins the Amazon Web Services Grant for nonprofits.
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The Gender Media School of Special Olympiсs Ukraine provides training in journalism and social media management to young women with intellectual disabilities.
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Not knowing the disruption and destruction that the Coronavirus was to cause, in late 2019, the Special Olympics Netherlands team began developing an app to support athletes to stay fit and healthy at home.
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The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities gives people with intellectual disabilities (ID) the inalienable right to health care of the highest standards. In a similar vein, a person with ID is not inherently unhealthy.
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Special Olympics Asia Pacific has partnered with a team of tech giants including Microsoft to develop an inclusive fitness app geared specifically to individuals with intellectual disabilities.
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The Special Olympics Unified Robotics competition, held in Seattle, Washington on November 18th, encourages students with special needs who are interested in engineering to display their talents while continually emphasizing inclusion and awareness in STEM.
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The Special Olympics Unified Robotics competition was held in Seattle, Washington on Sunday, November 18th.
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