World Winter Games

Snowboarder in a turquoise ski suite going down on the slops.
Kazan, Russia will host the Special Olympics World Winter Games in 2022 with a key aim of transforming the lives and prospects of people with intellectual disabilities across Russia.
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A swimmer with a blue swim cap coming out of the water and giving a thumbs up.
Excitement was in the air as Berlin, Germany officially became the host for the next Special Olympics World Games in 2023.
Anna McDougal showing off her medal with excitement.
No other organized event in the world has the emotional and social impact of the Special Olympics World Games
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The Most Inclusive Event on the Planet
Attracting world leaders, celebrities, dignitaries and hundreds of thousands of spectators, the Special Olympics World Games are one of the most powerful and important vehicles for communicating to the world the abilities and gifts of people with intellectual disabilities, the most marginalized population on earth.
Ariel photo of the Closing Ceremony at the 2019 World Games in Abu Dhabi.jpg
One month has passed since the final competitions, the last medals awarded and the lights dimmed down on the Closing Ceremony of the 2019 World Games in Abu Dhabi.
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Jim joined Special Olympics Michigan in 1973 at just 12 years old. Learn what advice this veteran athlete offers others.
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One hundred and thirty Special Olympics athletes were representing the Africa region, from 7 countries, in 4 different sports.
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Meeting with the First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda
Just under 1400 triumphant athletes from the Europe Eurasia region arrived back as heroes following the World Winter Games in Austria.
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Behind the Scenes at 2017 World Winter Games
Ever wonder what it's like for athletes at Special Olympics World Games? See the 2017 World Games in Austria from their eyes.
"Athletes from across Europe Eurasia came to these Games to showcase their talents, their passion and the results of their hard work."
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