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Teaches Used School of Special Olympics to Teach Support


How do you imagine school? Wooden desks, never-ending lessons? Not here at the Special Olympics. At World Games, teachers decided to have a different kind of lesson. One that teaches equality and how to support and help each other.

Loud and colorful, the 4th grade of Volksschule Ramsau was a main attraction in the center of Ramsau’s, where snowshoeing and cross country skiing are taking place. “Here the students learn how to help each other, to give support to everyone. It doesn’t matter who has a handicap or doesn’t have a handicap. Everyone is equal,” said teacher Katharina Rettenbacher.

More 4th grade classes went all the way from Attnang to Schladming (almost 200km away) to support their favorite athletes in the snowboard divisioning. While the children were waiting for the athletes, they gave hugs to the mascots of Special Olympics. Then, students finally met their heroes.

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