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Mohammed Abbad, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Mohammed Abbad

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Mohammed Abbad is an athlete from Special Olympics Morocco in the Middle East North Africa Region. Mohammed participates in athletics, football, basketball, swimming, and powerlifting. He has been involved in Special Olympics since 2005.

Mohammed’s favorite part about Special Olympics is the good organization of events.

Mohammed is excited for the congress in Berlin. He is looking forward to the congress as it will be his first time in a global congress.

Mohammed is employed at a pastry shop. When he isn’t competing, he enjoys baking and making pastries.

Mohammed says that being an athlete leader means leading others to implement his vision of inclusion.

Project Description

Mohammed’s grant plan is to create a unified project to promote inclusion. He aims to reach as many athletes and students as possible by offering activities in the following areas: vocational training, healthy nutrition and healthy cooking, and environmental education and awareness through sports. Vocational training will include pottery and ceramic art. This could benefit athlete leaders in finding jobs or selling what they make. Healthy nutrition and healthy cooking will benefit athlete leaders in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as provide them with the opportunity to potentially become health messengers. Environmental education and awareness through sports will provide athletes with the encouragement to practice sports while raising awareness about environmental issues.

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