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Special Olympics has free e-Learning courses for our Youth Leaders, designed by our Youth Leaders. All courses are available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish. Find out how to access them by watching this video.
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Current Courses

Special Olympics Youth Leadership 101

The Special Olympics Youth Leadership 101 e-Learning course is a course for young people to learn about leadership skills and how to develop them. Learn how to develop and use your personal leadership strengths to lead!

Project Management for Youth Leaders

This course is designed to teach the skills needed for you to lead projects for inclusion in your community. Here, Youth Leaders will learn about the stages of project management, how to develop a project plan, and access resources to help with their project.

What Youth Leaders Are Saying

“I really liked and enjoyed this course! Such a very useful, creative, and a great opportunity to learn about leadership! Glad that I took it.”

Leen E.B. | Youth Leadership

“What I liked most about this course is that it offered tips, resources and recommendations that will definitely help my projects run a lot smoother.”

Cara W. | Project Management Course

"The content and information in this course are really interesting and very useful.”

Soukaina S. | Project Management Course

“This course covered everything needed for me to be a current and future leader anywhere I go. Not only in my role as a Youth Leader and inclusion, but also in my job and career… Overall this is a very fruitful course.”

Heidi G. | Youth Leadership Course