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Young people with and without intellectual disabilities are leading their schools and communities toward a more inclusive future. By providing training, funding, and other resources, Special Olympics supports Youth Leaders across the globe.

Youth Declaration

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Projects that promote inclusion.

Youth Leadership Summits

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Youth Leadership Council

For the youth by the youth.

Resources for Youth Leaders

Supporting Youth Leaders, adult mentors & members.

Jae Seong & Jun Hyung

"I was most impressed by the positive reinforcement that led to a sense of competence and self-confidence, which helped the program participants... unlock their potential and perform beyond their capabilities."

Iven Chide & Christopher Kalima

"The learning experience is that athletes are the ones to express themselves better than anyone else."

Lydia DeBlecourt and Bemji Feaster

"As they are learning about inclusion they are having tons of fun, which was my goal."

Thai Ha Ho & Thi Cam Ly Do

"My great joy is to have a chance to meet and interact with young people and learn many things about life from them."

Olivia Neverauskaite & Mantas Racinkas

"Together we learned that even our differences are disappearing when we are united together for unified activities."

Yeruult Batbayer and Araijan Abai

"The satisfaction I felt from teaching what I learned to other people was breathtaking. Seeing them understand what I taught them was a one-of-a-kind feeling I will never regret having."

Lujin ad bel Rehim & Haidi Hazem el gamal

"They are the main reason for introducing happiness and joy to the athletes and their sense of their being and their role in society."

Lorena Mendieta & Samuel Henriquez

"We are the future professionals of the country and I have no doubt that we will make a lot of change for inclusion.”

Ilitay & Perizat

"We were happy to see how our athletes made new friends and became even more socially adapted."