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Two athletes from Special Olympics Romania participate in a basketball event
Unified Schools give educators, students, administrators, and coaches the power to create a more inclusive world and help end the stigma around intellectual disabilities.

About Unified Schools

Unified Schools begin with Special Olympics Unified Sports® to build inclusive school communities for young people of all abilities. This programming creates an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and included both in school and in their local community.

These schools can expand their programming to include inclusive youth leadership and whole school engagement in order to become Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools®.

Faces of Inclusion

100 schools in Romania come together to spread awareness about Down Syndrome and intellectual disabilities.
3 Min Read
A youth leader in Lebanon shares how a lifelong involvement with Special Olympics shaped her life and why she wants youth of all abilities to participate in inclusive activities.
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Our Work is Proven to:

94% of schools reported that Unified Schools made a big impact in reducing bullying, teasing, and offensive language.
Through Unified Schools, over 2 out of 3 students without intellectual disabilities (ID) experienced substantial positive change in interactions with their peers with ID.
In Kenya and India, 4 out of 5 teachers reported an improved sense of community after participating in Unified Schools.
A group of young people from Bharat pose for a photo
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