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Advocacy/Community Engagement
A Study on the Social Interaction of Youth With and Without Disabilities
Youth Leader Min Woo Lee
Min Woo
Youth Leader Mina Choi
East Asia
Project Year
Mina and Min Woo strive to demolish hurtful stigmas and show that individuals with intellectual disabilities are extremely capable and able to succeed.

About the Project Leaders

Min Woo, 20, is an athlete from Seoul, Korea, who participated in the Special Olympics Korea National Summer Competition, playing for the Futsal Alumni team. Mina, 22, is a Youth Leader who has previously been involved with Innovation Grants, by participating in the community connection awareness improvement program. Min Woo wants to represent individuals with intellectual disabilities and inspire others to become leaders and be courageous. Mina wants to create a supportive and inclusive environment allowing the community to grow together in a positive way.

The Inspiration

In Korea, Mina and Min Woo have noticed that there is a negative stigma towards and surrounding individuals with intellectual disabilities. They are often shunned from society and not expected to strive or succeed.

The Plan

Mina and Min Woo’s project involves hosting and arranging events focused on improving the quality of integrated programs for individuals with and without disabilities. The events will inform people on how to build an integrated society at schools or on campus communities and hopefully spark a change.

Project Goals

The Youth Leaders hope that the program inspires others to speak out in their community when they see an injustice and to involve themselves in organizations and groups that are inclusive to people of all abilities. The hope is to build a foundation for the future and to continue the expansion of regional programs, as well as educate the Korean community on the cognitive and physical aspects of a care program for individuals with disabilities.