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Conducting a Workshop on Graphic Design
Youth Leader Musa Jammeh
Youth Leader Omar Tabally
The Gambia
Project Year
Musa and Omar are promoting digital accessibility through leading a graphic design workshop for Special Olympics athletes.

About the Project Leaders

Musa, 19, is from Bakoteh, Gambia and his first experience with Special Olympics Gambia was during their digital local youth summit. During this summit, he was given the opportunity to directly engage with other Youth Leaders to show that disability is not an inability. Omar, 20, is a Youth Leader who strongly believes in the work that Special Olympics does, especially spreading inclusion about disabilities in communities and schools in Gambia.

The Inspiration

Musa and Omar noticed that there is a barrier preventing individuals with intellectual disabilities from having access to the digital world. They believe that recently so many aspects of the world have gone virtual and individuals with disabilities are excluded from accessing digital spaces and learning skills such as graphic design.

The Plan

Their plan involves implementing a virtual education workshop that is aimed at teaching athletes with intellectual disabilities how to use computers. The workshop is also targeted at teaching athletes how to navigate different digital platforms, including graphic design.

Project Goals

The overall goal of the workshop is to train athletes on their digital capabilities in hopes of them being skilled at certain tasks that may allow them to gain employment. Musa and Omar also hope that the program promotes Unified activities and allows the athletes to become comfortable using technology.