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Digital Access for All
Youth Leader Saraha Rasolofomalala
Project Year
Saraha will improve digital access in schools through providing technology and ideas for inclusive educational activities.

About the Project Leader

Saraha, 21, is a university student and Youth Leader in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Her brother has intellectual disabilities and is the source of her passion to spread awareness about inclusion and Special Olympics. Saraha knows Unified programs make a positive difference for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

The Inspiration

Digital access is extremely scarce for schools in Madagascar. Only a small percentage of schools have electricity, and it’s rare to find a school with internet or computers. This makes it difficult to create adaptive learning materials, which has a negative impact on youth with intellectual disabilities. Additionally, there’s a lack of space and platforms for Unified activities and Special Olympics programmatic growth.

The Plan

With the participation of five new Unified Schools, Saraha will help provide materials and technological support to students with and without intellectual disabilities. “Digital Access for All” will improve opportunities for learning by providing spaces for Unified activities and training, as well as methods for creating and sharing inclusive educational materials such as e-books and videos. Adaptive technology such as portable tablets will also improve opportunities for more student-centered learning for students of all abilities.

Project Goals

Saraha and her fellow Youth Leaders will use the technology acquired from the project to create Unified digital classes. These spaces will benefit the development of students and will provide them with the ability to exchange ideas and learn from one another.