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Effective Leadership
Youth Leader Zahraa Ali
Youth Leader Haya Abdulaziz
Middle East North Africa
Project Year
Zahraa and Haya are supporting Special Olympics athletes and Youth Leaders by helping them create content and expand their reach on social media.

About the Project Leaders

Zahraa Saeed, 22 years old, joined Special Olympics Bahrain as a Youth Leader in the "Let's Grow Together" program. During this time, she gained experience and knowledge on what it means to be an effective leader. She loves working with others and hopes to continue to grow not only her own leadership skills, but also of those around her.

Haya Faisal, 22 years old, loves participating in Special Olympics because of wonderful friends and experiences she gained along the way. She was a speaker and leader in the Leadership Development Committee. Haya believes Special Olympics is so important because it allows her to grow a diverse set of skills alongside her friends. She wants to continue to grow and develop as a leader which she believes can be can gain from the Effective Leadership Project.

The Inspiration

Zahraa and Haya recognize the power of social media. They want to help Special Olympics athletes create content that promotes inclusion through social media apps such as Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and Zoom.

The Plan

Haya and Zahraa will follow a four-week plan to implement their Effective Leadership project. They will create a workshop on how to use the social media platforms and create content which will promote the athletes and expand their network.

Project Goals

They hope to promote the integration and harmony of athletes with intellectual disabilities and Youth Leaders. The Effective Leader project will enhance the ability of Youth Leaders and athletes to be creative in creating useful content through social media. Zahraa and Haya will publish content that supports and enhances the inclusion process for people with intellectual disabilities through social media. It will also help athletes with intellectual disabilities use social media programs in a way that enables them to spread the message of Special Olympics much more widely.