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Advocacy/Community Engagement
Integrate... Accept the Other... Don't Bully
Youth Leader Nadeem Essa
Youth Leader Ashrakat Essa
Middle East North Africa
Project Year
Sibling Youth Leaders Nadeem and Ashrakat are spreading inclusion by leading workshops for school students and other members of their community.

About the Project Leaders

Nadeem, 19, and Ashrakat, 22, are sibling Youth Leaders from Egypt. Four years ago, they both joined Special Olympics Egypt; Nadeem participated as an athlete and Ashrakat as a volunteer. The siblings contributed to many events and activities of social integration between people with and without intellectual disabilities.

The Inspiration

They were inspired by the culture of acceptance at Special Olympics to take on more responsibility and become Youth Leaders. Nadeem joined the Athletes Leaders Intervention Council, and even presented at the conference in 2021 in front of more than 200 individuals, including athletes, Youth Leaders, coaches, and leadership experts!

The Plan

During this 9-month long project, Nadeem and Ashrakat plan to increase awareness of inclusion in their community and with youth in particular. They will organize awareness meetings with school youth in the community, organize Unified Sports meetings with their peers in the community, and hold workshops for community members to become ambassadors for Special Olympics Egypt.

Project Goals

Nadeem and Ashrakat’s goal is to bring more people into the Special Olympics family. Through their project they plan to recruit 15 new Youth Leaders, 2 new Unified Schools, 1 new Unified Champion School, 1 new Unified Sports Club, and engage over 200 people in person. Nadeem and Ashrakat hope that their project will have a huge impact on their community, and that many schools join in by promoting inclusion and acceptance for future generations.