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Advocacy/Community Engagement
Raising Awareness
Youth Leader ManInChang
Man In
Wai Meng
East Asia
Project Year
Man In and Wai Meng will foster new friendships between students with and without intellectual disabilities through creating shared experiences and understanding.

About the Project Leaders

Man In, 19, and Wai Meng, 24, are two Youth Leaders in Macau. They are passionate about promoting expressiveness and advocating for Special Olympics in their community.

The Inspiration

Man In and Wai Meng noticed the need to raise awareness for people with intellectual disabilities in their community. They believe a project is vital to eliminating discrimination and educating others about individuals with intellectual disabilities and all they can accomplish.

The Plan

Man In and Wai Meng will use inclusive activities to bring youth with and without intellectual disabilities together. Their project will educate students in schools about people with special needs. Through training and fun activities, the project will develop friendships, allow for shared experiences, and increase the interest for Special Olympics Macau.

Project Goals

Man In and Wai Meng plan for their project to raise the community’s awareness of people with intellectual disabilities. There will be more of an understanding and acceptance towards people with intellectual disabilities, thanks to the project reaching students and holding inclusive activities. Additionally, this project will greatly increase the opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities in the community and allow them to share their stories.