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Arts and Creativity
Unified Activites in Puyang
Jianyu Zhang
East Asia
Project Year
Jianyu is working to spread inclusion through Unified music and arts activities.

About the Project Leader

Jianyu, 15, is a Special Olympics athlete from Puyang City in China. He has previously competed in Unified Sports at his school on Special Olympics Day and was a spokesperson and leader for all athletes. He became a Youth Leader to inspire other athletes and to spread the narrative that individuals like him can make an inspiring impact to society, while learning, growing and leading.

The Inspiration

Jianyu has felt excluded from society, like others with intellectual disabilities. He often feels like communities around the world are uncomfortable around things that they are not familiar. To combat this, Jianyu wants there to be more representation of individuals with differences and disabilities in social aspects as well as media inclusion.

The Plan

Jianyu will attend the Youth Leadership Camp to refine his leadership skills and will then implement those learnings into real life practice. The plan is to host different Unified events, focusing on interests outside of sports, including arts and music. Jianyu hopes to tap into the artistic market and provide an opportunity for those interested and with or without intellectual disabilities to get involved in.

Project Goals

Jianyu strives to live in an environment and community that does not exclude based on ability or disability as well as education people in communities who are unfamiliar, to make them familiar and knowledgeable.