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Unified Training on Digital Skills
Youth Leader Oussama Farouki
Youth Leader Taha Bouchara
Middle East North Africa
Project Year
Oussama and Taha are helping Special Olympics athletes learn the skills needed to use common digital platforms.

About the Project Leaders

Oussama, 15, is from Témara, Morocco and has been involved with Special Olympics Morocco since 2021. He participated in a football tournament last year and attended the National Summit of Youth Leaders, which inspired him to become a Youth Leader. Oussama is a strong advocate for athletes and believes that everyone should have access to equal opportunities, regardless of your ability level.

Taha began her journey with Special Olympics as a volunteer during a canoeing activity where she had the opportunity to connect with athletes. After her experience at the canoeing event, Taha decided to become a more active member within Special Olympics by joining other inclusive activities and attending the National Youth Summit on leadership. Special Olympics has impacted Taha’s life and has inspired her to be a leader!

The Inspiration

Oussama and Taha observed that there was a huge issue with individuals with intellectual disabilities being able to access digital materials due to their lack of knowledge on how to do so. The pandemic has heightened this issue as many platforms have switched virtual.

The Plan

Oussama and Taha will provide training on technology to Special Olympics athletes and help them on their digital journey. The project plan includes creating email accounts for and providing basic Zoom and email trainings so that they can become familiar with the respective platforms. Social media training will also be included, and online gaming will be encouraged to promote social engagement. Each athlete will also receive help in creating an online profile including a digital biography.

The Goal

Taha and Oussama hope that this project will help athletes have more access to the digital world and in turn, develop more connections online. They also hope that through these trainings they will create an awareness in their local community on why digital accessibility is necessary and important.