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Unified Sports
Youth Bike Riding Tour
Youth Leader Dahye Park
Kwon Ki-Hoon
East Asia
Project Year
Kwon and Dahye are bringing young people together for Unified bike rides.

About the Project Leaders

Kwon, 18, is an athlete from South Korea who became a Youth Leader after getting involved with the Yong-San Sports Welfare Center for 5 years. Kwon felt a huge difference being surrounded by great coaches who supported him. Since then, he has been fully committed to helping other individuals with intellectual disabilities get involved with sports activities.

Dahye, 21, became a Youth Leader because she has lots of experience volunteering and holding leadership roles. She strongly believes in organizations like Special Olympics that support individuals like her brother and her goal is to encourage others to be good team players who can safely and happily practice sport with individuals of all abilities.

The Inspiration

Kwon and Dahye have noticed that in society, people with intellectual disabilities face social rejections throughout their life. They are often excluded from society, and this can lead to long-term emotional and psychological effects. The pandemic has further strained social interactions in communities for both individuals with and without disabilities.

The Plan

Kwon and Dahye plan to engage youth by bringing them together to play sports in a non-competitive way. They are planning to teach athletes how to ride a bike and then go on group biking tours around the country.

Project Goals

The Youth Leaders hope to engage people with and without intellectual disabilities to spend time together and share a common interest: biking. A long-term goal of the project is to foster friendships and relationships between individuals in the group and for them to think of each other as a sort of support group.