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Gilmour Borg, SSGM, Special Olympics Europe Eurasia

Gilmour Borg

Sargent Shriver Global Messenger

Gilmour started with Special Olympics Malta in 2014. He demonstrated his versatility and passion for sports, engaging in athletics, table tennis, football, and water polo. In 2020 he became an Athlete Leader. Two years later (2022), he solidified his impact by taking on the positions of Global Messenger and Public Spokesperson. Gilmour is the President of the SO Malta Athlete Leadership Council. He is also a dedicated Health Messenger, leveraging his influence to promote and advocate for mental health awareness. His commitment to this cause extends to his role as a public speaker, where he has participated in high-level events such as the European Mental Health Conference. Gilmour's authentic storytelling make him a great advocate of sports and mental well-being.

“Special Olympics gave me a purpose in life and as a SSGM I want to be the voice for those who often find closed doors. I want to be the one who listens to them and understand them. I want to fight stigma and isolation associated with the term disabilities.”

Sargent Shriver Global Messengers 2024 – 2027


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