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Yeruult Batbayar

Sargent Shriver Global Messenger

Yeruult Batbayar is a skilled athlete from Special Olympics Mongolia. His PE teacher introduced him to Special Olympics in 2014, where he started training for table tennis and swimming. Yeruult enjoys making friends with other Special Olympics athletes. Outside of sports, Yeruult is a music student at University of Arts and Culture in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He has played the piano for twelve years and dreams of becoming a pianist. In his free time, he likes simple things like listening to music, watching TV, riding bikes, walking, and hanging out with friends. As an athlete leader, Yeruult wants to be a positive role model. He has been a self-advocate for the autism community in Mongolia, by talking about his experience. He believes in sharing important messages about people with disabilities, equal rights, and inclusion. Yeruult sees his involvement as a way to raise awareness and make society more inclusive and caring.

“Being part of Athlete Leadership has helped me become a better leader. I get to speak up in communities, take charge in events, and represent other athletes. It's a big responsibility, but it's also a great chance for me to improve and grow. When Special Olympics staff and others support me, it makes me feel heard and trusted. What I love most is that Athlete Leadership boosts my self-confidence and satisfaction. It gives me the courage to be active not just in Special Olympics but also outside it. I've worked with many young people, with and without disabilities, making me feel like an important part of making the world more inclusive.”

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