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Abhishek Gogoi

UPDATE: Abhishek persist despite setbacks, click here to read more.

With his ambitious training runs, 18-year-old Abhishek has become a familiar sight around Guwahati, the largest city in northeast India. He's usually up before dawn to get in at least two hours of cycling; later, he heads to the gym for at least two more hours, so he can keep his muscles strong.

Abhishek was a few months old when he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, due to complications from jaundice. He was 11 when his father died of cancer; since then, his mother has done all she could to help Abhishek keep active and included in school and physical activities with people without disabilities.

Through regular sports training and physical therapy, he has gained more control over the lower part of his body, but still struggles with upper body control and strength. Abhishek has trained very hard and set a record at the 2018 NCC national competition in Ratu, India, by covering 10km in 19 min., 21 sec.

To accomplish all this, Abhishek has been using and training on borrowed bikes, since his family could not afford a bike of his own. Then, a loyal supporter started a crowdfunding campaign to get Abhishek his own bike and some basic equipment. It took awhile, but he now has his own bike, plus a helmet and other equipment. Since then, Abhishek has been training even harder!

In addition, Abhishek has been studying at Indira Gandhi National Open University, with plans of going on to higher studies. However, his dream is to be a videographer and film-maker like his father.

With his determination and skill, Abhishek is a leader in The Revolution Is Inclusion. Will you cheer him on? #Cheers4Champions!