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After Eunice Kennedy Shriver died in August 2009, letters of tribute poured in from around the world. She was mourned by Special Olympics athletes, professional athletes, celebrities, world leaders—and many more. These tributes below just begin to show the impact and scope of Eunice's work to build a more inclusive society.


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Message from Timothy Shriver

My mother believed in these things so strongly and they have played a major role in her life, especially, her work with people with intellectual disabilities.
2 Min Read

A Letter from Richard E. LaMunyon

A light that touched not only those with intellectual disabilities but the millions of us that could not see the potential of those who were right in front of us.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Ban Ki-moon

Her warm kindness, genuine compassion and stalwart activism earned her countless admirers around the world, including myself and many others here at the United Nations.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Maya Angelou

Eunice Kennedy Shriver with her giant heart, and broad vision saw another way to help Americans who were imprisoned by mental and physical challenges.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Prince Ra'ad Bin Zeid

We feel that not only the Shriver's, or the Kennedy's lost a dear and ever giving lady, we, in Special Olympics Jordan, and, all the world share with you that loss.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Bono

Eunice was the ultimate conductor.
2 Min Read

A Letter from Dr. Dicken Yung

The World has lost a Great Mother, a mother who had given so much care and love to countless special people with intellectual disabilities at all fronts.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Suzanne Mubarak

She was a woman of great insight and personality; a true advocate, a true fighter.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Kathryn Clark

What a vision it was - that people with intellectual disabilities could compete in sports and by so doing become a real and effective part of their communities.
1 Min Read

A Letter from UNICEF

Throughout her life, Mrs. Shriver was a tireless advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, a determined champion of children and a true friend and partner to UNICEF.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Fola Bolumole

Though I never had the opportunity to meet her one on one, ever since I joined the Special Olympics family I have carried her in a special place in my heart.
1 Min Read

A Letter from Robert A. Johnson

Individuals with Intellectual disabilities are living healthier, happier lives because of Mrs. Shriver's unwavering dedication.
1 Min Read