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Start with a short quiz to see what you already know about living a healthy lifestyle and then scroll down to learn more.

How healthy are you?

Take this quiz to see how much you already know about living a healthy lifestyle.

How to build a healthy plate

Eating well is a great way to stay healthy. Hover over each picture below to learn how get more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Make half of your plate fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables give your body important vitamins, minerals and energy needed for good health.

Include fruit at breakfast

Fruits and vegetables provide energy for your practice and sport competition.

Include a salad for lunch and dinner

For crunchy foods, try apple slices, small carrots, celery sticks, or snap peas.

Eat a rainbow of colors

Don’t forget to bring fruits and vegetables to eat when traveling to your competitions.

Add vegetables to soups, broth, sandwiches, and other foods

Fresh, local and in season fruits and vegetable are the best!

Plant a vegetable or fruit garden at home or in your community

Fresh, local, and in-season fruits and vegetables are the best!


Click below to learn more about the importance of staying hydrated.
Why is hydration so important?
Your body needs water to function properly. Staying hydrated helps to stay healthy and perform your best.
How do I know if I’m dehydrated?
If your body is dehydrated and needs more fluids, the most common symptoms to look out for are feeling thirsty, headaches, dry mouth, feeling tired or sluggish, and dark yellow or brown urine.
How much water should I drink every day?
The goal is to drink 5 bottles of water every day. Bottles should be 16-20 oz. or 500-600 ml. Tip: Drink out of a sports water bottle -they are refillable and can hold the right amount of water.
Why do I have to drink so much water each day?
You lose water every day when you go to the bathroom, sweat, and even when you breathe. That is why it’s recommended to drink water consistently throughout the day to replenish the water you lose.
Do I have to only drink water all the time to stay hydrated?
Although water is the best option, other healthy beverage options include non-fat milk and small amounts of 100% juice. We recommend avoiding sugary sweetened drinks.

6 Easy Steps to Get Clean Hands

Regularly washing your hands with soap and water can protect you from illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria. This is because it is the best way to stop germs from spreading.
Way to go!

Wet Your Hands

Great job! Keep going!

Apply Soap

Great Job!

Wash Your Hands for 20 Seconds

Great Job!

Rinse Well

Great Job!

Dry Your Hands

Great Job!

Turn Off Water With Paper Towel

Let's Have Strong Bones!

Here are some food and drinks that strengthen your bones.

Cow's Milk

Some Milk Alternatives

Dark Leafy Green Vegetables

Yogurt and Cheese

Fortified Cereals

Small Fish (e.g. sardines)

Fortified Orange Juice

Beans, Legumes, and Pulses

Enjoy the sun safely but don’t get sunburned.

Enjoying the sun safely and avoiding sunburn should help you get a good balance.
Great Job!

Use Sunscreen Daily: Use broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15 to protect exposed skin.

Great Job!

Wear Protective Clothing: Wear a hat, sunglasses and protective clothing to shield skin and eyes

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Reapply Regularly: Sunscreen must be re-applied every 2 hours after swimming, sweating or toweling off.

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Stay in the Shade: Seek shade, especially during midday hours.

Health Tips
  • Try these tips for living a healthy lifestyle!
    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a lot easier than you may think! Click next to learn more about the simple ways you can make sure that you are eating healthy and staying active.
    Alicia Bazzano, MD, PhD, MPH, Special Olympics Chief Health Officer
    Dr. Alicia Bazzano
    Chief Health Officer
  • Fresh, local and in-season fruits and vegetable are the best!
    Fruits and vegetables give your body important vitamins and minerals needed for good health. They also provide energy for your sport! These healthy foods are colorful and delicious. You can even grow them at school, at home, or in your community!
    Alicia Bazzano, MD, PhD, MPH, Special Olympics Chief Health Officer
    Dr. Alicia Bazzano
    Chief Health Officer
  • Stay active!
    Limiting your daily screen time allows more time for you to go outside and be active to stay healthy. Practice your sport at home or enjoy other fun activities that keep you moving!
    Alicia Bazzano, MD, PhD, MPH, Special Olympics Chief Health Officer
    Dr. Alicia Bazzano
    Chief Health Officer
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