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Get to Know Cole Sibus, Actor

Cole is an athlete and co-stars in the hit television series “Stumptown” on ABC.
Cole sitting on a set of stairs looking into the distance and smiling.

As an accomplished Special Olympics athlete, Cole Sibus has competed in softball and swam in the 2014 USA National Games. In 2019, Cole was cast as Ansel Parios in the ABC drama “Stumptown” solidifying his place in Hollywood as an accomplished actor.

Cole, shared with us his passion for sports and some of his experiences through Special Olympics.

The cast of Stumptown sitting together in a group on a white couch.
Cole Sibus with the cast of “Stumptown”

Why/how did you become a Special Olympics athlete?
When I was 8 years old, my parents got me involved with a tennis team for Special Olympics. I did this for several years and then moved onto swimming and softball.

What is your favorite sport in which to compete?
My favorite sport is basketball. I haven’t played for special Olympics but I would like to find a team and play one day.

How has Special Olympics opened doors for you outside of sports?
I got introduced to other coaches which led me to play exhibition flag football. I really love this sport.

What life lessons have you learned from being a Special Olympics athlete?
Keep positive, don’t give up, practice, and win or lose keep your head up and support your team. I have also learned the correct rules and discipline for each sport so I don’t get disqualified.

What do you like to do for fun outside of Special Olympics? Any hobbies?
In the summer, I enjoy wakeboarding and surfing on the river. This took me many years to learn because I had to learn to balance on the board. I never gave up and really do enjoy wakeboarding. I just started playing ping-pong and having a lot of fun challenging friends and family to get better at this activity.

Is there someone from history that inspires you? Who and why?
I have a lot of sports people that inspire me like Kobe Bryant, Tim Tebow, Mike Trout and Albert Pujols. They motivate me to be more disciplined.

What is your favorite television show or movie?
Of course, Stumptown! I love watching movies and my dream one day would to be in a movie with Dwayne Johnson. I love his movies and would like to act and be in his movie.

What is your favorite food?
I love pizza and second would be In-and-Out burgers…..but I do try to eat healthy and cheat on the weekends. I have lost 25 pounds in the last few years and am trying to stay in shape. My goal is to be the first Calvin Klein underwear model with Down syndrome!

What should people know about you that may surprise them?
I’m happy most of the time, I love life, love family and I have a good sense of humor. I’m a pretty good dancer, they say I got the dancing gene from my mom and not my dad! lol

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