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Head-to-Head in Judo

Two athletes engage on the mats at a judo competition.
Mostafa Abdelmaguid from Special Olympics Egypt goes head-to-head with Dilmurod Azimov from Special Olympics Uzbekistan during the Men's Level 1 Judo competition in the Messe Berlin during the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.

“It feels wonderful!” That’s what Mostafa Abdelmaguid from Special Olympics Egypt had to say about participating in his first World Games. He is in Berlin to competed at the 2023 World Games in judo and earned a bronze medal in the men’s Level 1 division. The 24-year-old from Cairo could barely contain his excitement. “The moment I was crowned with a medal is a moment that cannot be described in any words. It is good to I see that everyone is proud of what I have achieved.”

The silver went to Dilmurod Azimov of Special Olympics Uzbekistan. He already has plans to show off his medal when he returns to Yangiyul. “The first thing I’ll do is show my medal to my family and mother, and to the heads of the special college where I study who are worried about me and are waiting for me to win. I'm glad I didn't let them down.”

He admits, “I used to be lazy. I had to teach myself not to skip training, to try to fulfill all the trainer's tasks. Now I feel that it is easier for me to get going. Sport helped me with that!”

Azimov, who is 20-years-old, credits his coach with keeping him focused. “We've been training for a long time, and before the Games we had practice almost every day. I didn't skip training, I always listened to my coach and that's why I won the silver medal.” He added, “Our coach says to be calm, pay attention, and never give up.”

Abdelmaguid ‘s journey to Berlin included training three days a week. He says his coach kept reminding him to “concentrate and do you best!” He was introduced to Special Olympics with his friends at an athletics club. He says his family, sisters and colleagues are all proud of his accomplishments.

More than an athlete, Abdelmaguid is an avid sports fan. While at the Games, he has been enjoying watching two of his favorite sports, football/soccer and field hockey which is being presented as a demonstration sport.

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