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Heidi & Mohamed’s Unified Siblings Fitness Story

Every year, we have high hopes for the next year to be better than the next year, but 2020 was a whole different story.
Heidi and Mohamed at home working out doing squats.

My brother, Mohamed & I began the year on a high note, as we were honored to participate in the 1st Special Olympics Pan-African Games’ Youth Leadership Summit. We learned there how to create and handle a project of our own. It gave us a push to be able to think and plan for our project through our quarantine in the COVID-19 days. It was just the start.

As we all know, COVID-19 took us through 2020 and is still going. What you might not know is that Mohamed is a gold-medal winning swimmer, especially in the butterfly stroke, and also a Kata brown belt holder. In order to maintain his form to be able compete in the next swimming competitions, Mohamed needs to practice swimming at least 3 times a week plus go to the gym to work out.

Due to COVID, all the gyms and swimming pools were closed. This of course became an obstacle for Mohamed. Our only substitute: to work out from home!

Mohamed and I were keen to work out every day or at least four days a week mainly to maintain our forms. We also want to release any negative energy building up due to the pandemic and being quarantined.

Our workouts were mainly focused on our legs, arms and abdominals, which means lots of pushups, crunches and jogging. We also got a new dog, who needs a walk every day at least 2 times. So in addition to the workouts, we walk with our dog twice a day for 30 minutes!

Now we encourage everyone to work out from home…to stay fit, but also release any negative energy!

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