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Twins Awed By Athletes at World Winter Games 2017


As Snowboarders and Alpine skiers finished their runs on the slopes at Schladming/Rorhmoos—Hockwurzen, twin 10-year-olds, Duncan and Cedric Martin, of Seattle, Wash. clamored at the finish lines to shower the athletes with praise and adoration. The boys gave them rock star status when they sought out each of the athletes for a much-coveted autograph. This became their mission when the boys learned their sister, Victoria Martin, 16, was competing in Alpine at Special Olympics World Games in Austria, they were determined to make the most of their adventure.

They cheered her on to a 4th and a 5th place finish in her Novice Alpine events.

"We think it's cool to see the athletes," said Duncan.

"I like snowboarding, it's fun to watch them come down the hill," said Cedric.

Their mother told them they had to use their trip to fulfill some school projects back in Seattle. "The boys got to decide their focus, but they have to do a poster of what learn and gather here in Austria and put it all together when we get back home," said Amy Martin. Duncan's project is to learn as much as he can about ten countries, including Korea, France, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Tajikistan.

"He loves research," Martin said, "So, he's learning about where the countries are, looking up details about each country and finding maps. Cedric, loves sports, so he's determined to meet and get as many athletes' autographs and pose for pictures with them from the all the competitions."

"This is a great experience for our whole family," said Martin.