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USA's Brittany Wins vs. Belgium's Lies Gielis

Brittany with a woman on the courts. Brittany is smiling big and has on a USA shirt. in the background is a Play Unified sign.

Brittany Tagliareni has won her first game of the 2019 World Games in a hard-fought match against Belgium's Lies Gielis, daughter of late European football legend Marc Gielis.

Watching intensely was a large crowd of Team Belgium supporters and Brittany's parents and hometown coach, who traveled to the Middle East from Florida, USA, to show their support.

The score, 2-0, doesn't reveal the struggle for every single point: neither Brittany nor Lies were interested in giving ground at any moment.

Lies Gielis, 29, is a multisport veteran of the 2011, 2013, and 2015 World Games. Both she and Brittany will move ahead to final matches that could bring a gold medal.

See a quick video clip below as Brittany stops for a brief chat about at windy Zayed Sports City and check back for more updates as final results come in! Cheer by sharing this story! #Cheers4Champions

Brittany Tagliareni Post-Match Interview