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Dr. Alicia Bazzano and Ann Costello Discuss Health and the Golisano Foundation on Inclusion Revolution Radio

Anne Costello, Dr. Timmothy Shriver, and Dr. Alicia Bazzano standing together.
Ann Costello and Dr. Alicia Bazzano join Inclusion Revolution Radio for episode five.

Dr. Alicia Bazzano, Chief Health Officer at Special Olympics, and Ann Costello, Executive Director of the Golisano Foundation, joined the Inclusion Revolution Radio podcast alongside host Novie Craven.

Topics of discussion included Special Olympics Healthy Communities, Special Olympics partnership with The Golisano Foundation, and inclusion.

Dr. Alicia Bazzano was no stranger to providing healthcare to people with intellectual disabilities when she joined Special Olympics two years ago as the very first Chief Health Officer. She has over 20 years of experience treating patients with intellectual disabilities as a pediatrician. Her work with Special Olympics involves working to provide strategic oversight of health activities around the world to ensure public funding, policies, medical training programs, and health service delivery are inclusive of people with intellectual disabilities.

Ann Costello is a member of the Special Olympics New York Health Advisory Committee and works to expand Special Olympics Global Healthy Communities to every community around the world. She joined the Golisano Foundation in 1999 and has worked in the non-profit sector for more than 30 years. The goal of the Golisano Foundation is to ensure people with intellectual disabilities have the same access to health and wellness resources as all community members. The Golisano Foundation graciously donated $30 million to Special Olympics last year, making this the largest donation in the 53-year history of the organization.

Listen to this episode of Inclusion Revolution Radio and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast to stay up to date with the latest news covering the Special Olympics movement.

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