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Natalie Ullrich | accessiBe & Special Olympics

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Welcome to our special edition of Inclusion Revolution Radio and Spotlight Sessions from Special Olympics and accessiBe. It’s an exclusive series of conversations, where we talk about all things inclusion, sport and accessibility.

In our fourth episode, we spoke with Natalie Ullrich, Senior Manager of the Special Olympics Festival at the Special Olympics World Games. The Special Olympics Festival is where the Special Olympics meets the colorful community of Berlin. The general public, athletes, delegations, families, volunteers, and fans will meet in the heart of the city. Co-designed by athletes, a barrier-free and colorful cultural festival will be created, bringing sport and culture together.

In this episode, Natalie discusses:
  1. What you can expect from the Special Olympics Festival this year.
  2. How the festival will promote a more inclusive culture, setting the tone for the Games.
  3. The exciting locations of each pillar of the festival around Berlin city.
  4. The types of digital and physical accommodations that will be made for the Special Olympics Festival.
  5. Why it’s so important to bring the sports and the cultural aspects of the Games together.
Interested in learning more about the Special Olympics Festival? Check out their website.

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