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Exceptional Parent Magazine Features Special Olympics Fit 5 Workout and Nutrition Tips

Four illustrations of athletes exercising. Runner with the word Endurance under him; woman in wheelchair doing dumbbell curls with the word Strength under her; a woman stretching with the word Flexibility under her; a woman balancing on one foot with the word Balance under her.

The following is an excerpt from the article titled How Special Olympics’ Fit 5 Program Motivated Me to Make Healthier Choices, co-written with Special Olympics Health Messenger Lynna Hodgson, and published by Exceptional Parent Magazine.

Special Olympics Fit 5 program includes a Fit 5 Guide and Fit 5 Cards that are designed for everyone and can be modified for any level. I tell people that it is important to listen to your body, go at your own pace, and make sure not to overdo it. Fit 5 Cards demonstrate exercises in Levels 1 through 5 including endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. I like Fit 5 because the exercises are customizable and are based on three simple goals: exercise 5 days per week, eat 5 total fruits and vegetables per day, and drink 5 bottles of water each day. I believe the Fit 5 program can help athletes achieve their personal best through physical activity, nutrition, and hydration.

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