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Interview Series on Digitizing the Movement

Timothy Shriver and Prianka Nandi discuss digitizing the Special Olympics movement with Bill Barney.
Still image of a three-way split screen of Bill Barney interviewing Tim Shriver and Prianka Nandy in a YouTube player frame.
Timothey Shriver and Prianka Nandi discuss digitizing the Special Olympics movement with Bill Barney.

What happens when the #InclusionRevolution intersects with the #DigitalRevolution?

Special Olympics Chairman Timothy Shriver and Chief Technology & Information Officer Prianka Nandy spoke with Bill Barney, CEO of Turbidite and host of Digging into the Future.

In a three-part interview called, "Special Olympics: A Digital Journey,” Tim and Prianka discuss the various ways that Special Olympics is working to bring the inclusion revolution to the world via digital means.

Part 1

Special Olympics: A Digital Journey - Part 1
In this 3-part series, we are delighted to hear from Tim Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics and Prianka Nandy, the organization’s Chief Technology & Information Office. Their journey of ensuring people with intellectual disabilities are not left behind as societies embrace technology is one that inspires us as professionals and individuals.

Part 2

Special Olympics: A Digital Journey - Part 2/3
In its efforts to bring people together in more inclusive communities, Special Olympics’ INCLUSION REVOLUTION is now going digital. In this episode of Digging into the Future, Tim Shriver and Prianka Nandy share insights on the organization’s digital transformation journey and how new platforms and technologies can further bridge gaps and bring new hope and opportunities to those with intellectual disabilities.

Part 3

Special Olympics: A Digital Journey - Part 3/3
Watch this episode and learn how technology, telecom and infrastructure professionals can join the Inclusion Revolution! Let’s TAKE ACTION and support this initiative which embraces diversity, equality and inclusion as it focuses on bringing the world closer together!

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