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Times of Malta Featured an Original Piece by David Evangelista

Group of Special Olympics athletes walk out during Opening Ceremony of Special Olympics Malta Inviational Games 2022.
Team Gibraltar at the Special Olympics Malta Invitational Games 2022 Opening Ceremony.

The following is an excerpt from the article titled Architecture and Significance at Special Olympics Malta written by Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Regional President and Managing Director David Evangelista and published by Times of Malta.

No longer is the theme of inclusion reserved for the last agenda item in board-rooms to satisfy by-law compliance. Through the celebration of the 2022 Special Olympics Malta Invitational Games, the Republic of Malta launched a powerful, impactful and highly relevant message to the world: inclusion is part of the fabric of the nation.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Robert Abela, the national government invested significant financial, technical and social resources in welcoming 24 nations from around the world to showcase their skills, highlight their abilities and underscore the importance of unity through sports.

Led by the president of Special Olympics Malta, Lydia Abela, and driven by national director Anna Calleja and a formidable team, the 2022 Special Olympics Malta Invitational Games represented the first international competition of Special Olympics since the pandemic hit the world. With close to 1,000 athletes in attendance, the Republic of Malta overnight became a European and global hub of inclusion through sport. Its commitment did not stop at sport alone.

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