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Community Impact

Mohammed Mounir from Special Olympics Morocco

How the Coach’s lifetime commitment to promote tolerance and acceptance is changing the worldview of athletes with intellectual disabilities.
Mohammed Mounir illustrated story.

When Mohamed Mounir began his journey with Special Olympics Morocco as a swimming coach 14 years ago, he had already recognized the field of empowering people with disabilities as his true calling by working as a special needs educator. To bring a sustainable change and build a future where everyone is accepted equally, Mohammed brought the values of tolerance and acceptance to his home and his family first.

Mohammed and his wife have a deep understanding of and shared interest in the field of empowerment of people with disabilities. The power couple has infused gratitude, acceptance, tolerance, and real inclusion into the values openly embraced at their home. Mohammed and his wife's open-mindedness towards embracing diversity have primarily influenced their two beautiful children and encouraged them to participate in the activities organized by both parents enthusiastically.

Mohammed takes pride in the loving story of their family. Igniting a spark of love and tolerance at home, he has extended loving kindness to all athletes and his community's families. He believes that all athletes are capable to understand and experience art and culture. To nurture positive experiences for his community, Mohamed began organizing cultural trips and regular experiential activities where children with intellectual disabilities can learn and grow to their best abilities. He especially emphasizes that people with intellectual disabilities thrive on building genuine relationships with their peers.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mohammed was determined to keep the community engaged. Thus, he designed an online platform to organize learning classes for parents and his students, teaching them diverse courses beyond sports, such as dance and baking.

Mohammed Mounir is an exemplary coach with a loyal community of students and children with intellectual disabilities inspired by his efforts. Through his powerful journey, Mohammed continues to inspire and achieve.

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