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Bruce Clarke, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Bruce Clarke

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Bruce Clarke is an athlete from Special Olympics Texas in the North America Region. Bruce has participated in basketball, volleyball, softball, and bocce. He has been involved in Special Olympics since 2012.

His favorite part about Special Olympics is the comradery or family type of environment. He says that in Special Olympics we are one big family.

Bruce is excited for the congress in Berlin. He is looking forward to exploring a new place and making new friends.

Bruce is employed as an Athlete Engagement Manager at Special Olympics Texas. As an Athlete Engagement Manager, Bruce runs all the Athlete Leadership programs throughout the state. When Bruce isn’t working or competing, he enjoys cheering on the Green Bay Packers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Huston Astros.

Bruce says that being an athlete leader means setting an example for other athlete leaders to follow. It also means helping other athletes find their voice and tell their story of their involvement in Special Olympics.

Project Description

Bruce’s grant plan is to talk about how athletes can become advocates for their own health needs. To do this, he and his fellow athletes will present the Unified Leadership Presentation to a group of 60 doctors and medical students. Bruce is also planning to train 10-15 athletes in Unified leadership and pair them with doctors and medical students who will then deliver an inclusive health presentation on how athletes can have better access to inclusive healthcare as well as how to advocate for their own health during and after doctor appointments. The inclusive health presentation will also cover how doctors and medical students can take an active role in communicating with athletes to help them understand their own health needs and answer any questions that athletes might have after their appointment.

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