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Kelvin Layne, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Kelvin Layne

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Kelvin Layne is an athlete from Special Olympics Barbados in the North America Region. Kelvin participates in floor hockey, soccer, bocce, and volleyball, and has represented Barbados in soccer and floor hockey at the World Games. He has been involved in Special Olympics since he was 8 years old.

Kelvin’s favorite part about Special Olympics is that it gives him an opportunity to develop himself and reach new goals. Special Olympics allows Kelvin to find his weaknesses and strengthen them.

Kelvin is excited for the congress in Berlin. He is looking forward to learning new things from other people around the world. Kelvin would like to learn how they solve problems so that he can use some of the ideas at home and explain how he does things at home that may help them.

Kelvin is employed as an athlete coach for Special Olympics Barbados. As an athlete coach he visits schools and helps in their sports program. When Kelvin isn’t working or competing, he enjoys creating new graphic designs, banners, and postcards, playing music, and astrology. Kelvin also loves to talk to people and at one point even hosted a podcast.

Kelvin says that being an athlete leader means the ability to bring new ideas to help build the program. Being an athlete leader also means helping other people like him to achieve their aspirations and goals by being their voice in meetings.

Project Description

Kelvin’s grant plan is to train mentors to help athletes access available resources. To do this he will train 5 individuals to help the athletes. Kelvin also plans to train 10 athletes in Athlete Leadership.

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