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Explore the rich collection of articles, speeches, videos, and galleries that tell the story of Eunice's life and her impact on people around the world.


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Parade Magazine: "The Sun Has Burst Through"

Brighter days are ahead for the retarded--but they still need your understanding
8 Min Read

A Message to the Special Olympics Movement on the Passing of Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Her faith in the athletes of Special Olympics was unfailing, even from the very start.
3 Min Read

World Games Expand the Movement

Early on, Eunice recognized the need for a platform to reach the larger public and mobilize people of influence around the movement.
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The Life of Sargent Shriver

He helped build peace by developing and implementing programs and policies structured to promote long-term, cumulative, peaceable change.
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The Shriver Family

Eunice strongly encouraged her children to learn and take the most from any activity; all the while reminding them of their responsibility to make a difference and contribute to the world.
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A Global Leader Advocating around the World

Eunice knew, that to a large extent, presidents, premiers and popes set the agenda for their followers. If you get to the head, you get to the heart.
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Eunice Kennedy Shriver's Awards & Recognitions

Tim Shriver put it best: "If you look at her brothers and sisters and all that they accomplished, no one will stand any higher than my mother."
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Dr. Paul Berman: Entering a Special World

Dr. Paul Berman, founder of Special Olympics' free Opening Eyes vision screenings, describes the world Eunice helped create, one of equality, personal growth and empowerment.

Special Olympics Mourns the Loss of Eunice Kennedy Shriver

She has been a leader in the worldwide movement to improve and to enhance the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities for more than six decades.
3 Min Read

Special Olympics Continues to Unite Us

It was meant to be - to make my heart grow a little bigger.
2 Min Read

Remarks: 1991 Games

For we are the peacemakers.
2 Min Read

Remarks: 1987 World Games

Eunice Kennedy Shriver's Charge to the Athletes at the Opening Ceremonies of the International Summer Special Olympics Games. South Bend, Indiana, USA August 2, 1987
1 Min Read