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Henning Roos, Roller Skating Technical Delegate

Henning Roos

Roller Skating Technical Delegate - Bielefeld, Germany

Henning currently lives in Bielefeld. He has three children and three grandchildren. Henning is a national judge in Inline-Speed Skating since 2008 and in Ballroom-Dancing for more than 30 Years. He is also a second chairman of the German Speed Skating association (DRIV) and responsible for organizing national events and constant updating the German rulebooks.

Henning’s first Special Olympics event was in 2010 as judge at the Special Olympics National Games. After this, he began organizing Roller Skating events in North Rhine-Westfalia. Henning has been Chief Judge at the Special Olympics National games since 2012 and judge at the SO World Games in 2015 and 2019. He has also been a Regional Coordinator for Roller Skating in North Rhine-Westfalia and member of the National Roller Skating sports team since 2014. Henning was appointed as the SOEE – Sport Advisor for Roller Skating in 2019.

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