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Joachim Joris, Basketball Assistant Unified Sport Delegate

Joachim Joris

Basketball Assistant Unified Sport Delegate - Belgium

Joachim lives in Stevoort, Limburg, Belgium. He's a Special Olympics Athlete who has years of experience playing in a Unified team alongside Valerie. He completed a special school and works in a 'social' company for people with an id. He's working for BEWEL Diepenbeek, where he is maintaining green areas of municipalities and private companies. He likes being outside. Joachim started playing basketball in 2010 for KBBC Zolder and participates each year in the Belgian National Games. He plays both on a traditional and a Unified team. Joachim had the chance to have some international experience with the Unified team and went to Unified tournaments in Ukraine and Germany. He was also part of the Belgian Unified Team at the MENA games in Abu Dhabi.

Joachim is a fan of the Belgian basketball team of Limburg United, but he is also a big football fan (Sint Truiden). Joachim collects game jerseys from both basketball and football players.

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