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John Muringani - Table Tennis Unified Sport Delegate

John Muringani

Table Tennis Unified Sports Delegate - Zimbabwe

John has held many leadership positions since his involvement in Special Olympics, including the Zimbabwe Table Tennis Union President (2004 – 2018), National Sport Director Special Olympics Zimbabwe, and President of the Four Nations (compromising Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe) to name a few. Some of his favorite Special Olympics memories is when he received his training in South Africa, Unified Sports Training, and participating in Train the Trainer. John also served as the Unified Sports Delegate for World Games in Abu Dhabi 2019. Because of his involvement in Special Olympics and Unified Sports Training, John has been able to break barriers within his community, by providing more inclusive opportunities for all athletes.

John currently working at Prince Edward School located in Harare, Zimbabwe. He has his degree in Sports Science from Semmelweis University, Institute of Coaching and Sports Education.

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