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Faith Smith - New Hampshire Youth Ambassador

Faith Smith

U.S. Youth Ambassador

Hello! My name is Faith Smith and I am a recent graduate of the 18-21 Program at Newfound Regional High School. In High school I was a member of the Student Athletic Leadership Committee and I was the only Unified athlete on that Committee. I am a former Youth Activation Committee member with Special Olympics NH. I was a Youth Activation Committee member this past school year, for one year. I first started playing Unified Sports my Sophomore year of high school and that was when we had just gotten Unified Soccer as a sport at Newfound. My Junior year we then ended up adding Unified Basketball to our list of Unified Sports. My favorite Unified Sport that I played was Unified Basketball, because I always looked forward to getting a basket. I am excited to be a U.S Youth Ambassador so I can learn from other U.S Youth Ambassadors from other states about what inclusion means to them etc. One piece of advice that I would like to add is that for those who are still in High School, and participate in Unified Sports at their school is that, “It’s not all about winning a game, it’s about having fun that counts”.

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