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Zoe Wisniewski - New Hampshire Youth Ambassador

Zoe Wisniewski

U.S. Youth Ambassador

My name is Zoe Wisniewski and I am a junior at Dover High School in Dover, New Hampshire. Over the past 4 years, I have been involved in the Unified program in our community. This includes unified club, basketball, gardening, and wellness in our school. Not only am I involved with the Unified program in my school, but state wide as well. Just recently, New Hampshire started a Youth Activation Committee, which I have been named chair of. Within this committee, we plan the Youth Summit for our state and grow the Unified program in New Hampshire. Through this committee I met my incredible partner Faith, who has already taught me so much and helped me grow in so many ways. I am super excited to start this new journey as a Youth Ambassador and spread the word of inclusion everywhere!

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