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Isaiah Woodson - North Carolina Youth Ambassador

Isaiah Woodson

U.S. Youth Ambassador

Hello, my name is Isaiah Woodson. Proud student of Butler high school, I started wrestling for a few weeks up until June 10 the day I stopped going, here are a few things that I did while attending wrestling. I cheered my team on and gave hope that we would win, practice was tough and hard working, I was pushed to my limits and continued working hard to get to my goal. Matches were where you use the practice you did and used it to your advantage, I myself did not get in to as many matches but when I did i didn't do well but I put effort into my matches. Wrestling was fun but I stopped going. when it comes to work and my grades I am always striving to get good grades even when the work gets tough I try my best to get the best grades throughout my work.

2021 U.S. Youth Ambassadors


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