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Kate Gonzalez - California Youth Ambassador

Kate Gonzalez

U.S. Youth Ambassador

Hello everyone! My name is Kate Gonzalez and I am a Senior at Warren High School in Downey, California. I joined Teen Connection Club my sophomore year to help bring both special education and general education students together to promote inclusion throughout campus. I found a passion for this club when I witnessed everyone encouraging one another to be their true authentic selves. The work of our club was recognized nationally by both ESPN and Unified Champion Schools as one of the top 5 schools for social inclusion in the country! When club members were unable to interact with each other in person during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to execute captivating virtual games that established friendships via Zoom (where I met my friend Sammy!). Now as the President of Teen Connection and a U.S Youth Ambassador, I strive to expand our goal of inclusion—not only on my campus, but nationwide!

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