2019 Trinidad & Tobago Beach Games

Over 175 athletes, coaches, and volunteers descended on Las Cuevas Beach in Trinidad for the 4th annual Special Olympics Beach Games. Athletes from across the region competed in open water swimming, beach volleyball, an aquathlon, beach football, bocce, and powerlifting.

Along with the games, regional Unified sports beach games clinics were held for local and regional coaches. The purpose of the clinics was to educate coaches on training techniques to properly prepare their athletes for various beach sports for international competition.

Special Olympics Promotional Video

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A group of athletes playing bocce on the beach in Trinidad. An audience is forming and officials are conversing. A game of volleyball is being playing in the background.
Fun in the sun was had by all during the 2018 Trinidad & Tobago Beach Games held in Las Cuevas, Trinidad.
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Special Olympics athletes and volunteers huddle together after athletes are awarded medals for their efforts.
Safety. A word often stressed in order to ensure the well-being of a given individual. A word often recognized as a goal for individuals to attain in their attempts to protect those they care for from hazardous situations.
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