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Gaming for Inclusion Covered by Microsoft Unlocked

Three people standing in front of the Microsoft building.
Billy, Lily and Cameron, the three Special Olympics shoutcasters, at the Gaming for Inclusion event.

Special Olympics and Microsoft join forces to present Gaming for Inclusion and showcase the skills of three Special Olympics athletes, read their story in Casting Confidence. Please see the excerpt below.

Lending a hand of inclusivity

There are universal skills that transfer from the sports arena to the gaming sphere and beyond. Confidence, communication, collaboration—they all go hand in hand with amplifying the human experience and encourage all of us to take on risks with an optimistic mindset. By tackling new challenges and expressing their confident selves through shoutcasting, Billy, Cameron, and Lily hope to inspire others to do the same. To take risks. To make mistakes. And to have fun in the process.

Microsoft, Xbox, and Special Olympics are excited to come together and help these athletes, leaders, and brave shoutcasters have a platform to share their stories with the world and inspire others in the process. Through the power of technology, Billy, Cameron, and Lily are paving the path and showing what’s possible when we blend risk-taking with unhinged determination, while at the same time connecting a global community and fostering inclusivity.

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