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Nick Borders Stays “Game Ready” During Social Distancing

Cover to the Fit 5 guide.

Though social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is keeping most people indoors, on Earth Day we embrace nature and are grateful for those times when we’re able to exercise outdoors.

Nick Borders, Special Olympics athlete from Michigan, lost 25lbs in just a few weeks by walking on his family’s land every day. He started daily walks as a way to stay fit so he will be ready to take part in Special Olympics sports when training resumes. Nick participates in a number of sporting activities including basketball, bowling, hockey, softball, and track and field.

Nick Borders

In addition to walking, Nick is also watching what he eats and drinks in order to reach his weight loss goals and to stay in “game shape.”

Special Olympics has provided tips and videos to stay physically active and healthy. Check out the School of Strength workout video series and the other Fit 5 fitness resources.

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