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Transformative Power of Believing in one's Potential: A Coach and Athlete’s Bond

Male and female tennis players on the court together.

Ahmed El Farji has taken on the role of coach with Special Olympics Morocco tennis player Hajar Cherif Lamrani, guiding her with dedication and expertise. Hajar, a passionate athlete who chose tennis as her sport, stands out not only for her athletic skills but also for her creativity and loving nature. Over the years, through relentless hard work and unwavering perseverance, she has managed to shine brightly in her sport. Her exceptional performance led to her being selected for the World Games in Los Angeles, a milestone where she proudly clinched a gold medal.

Ahmed helped Hajar enroll in the National Center Mohamed 6 School, which is the only culinary school recognized by the professional training branch of the Ministry of Education. She attended the school for 2 years and completed several internships until she found a job. Ahmed has supported her throughout the entire process up to this day. She has been participating in the Unified Schools' activities in Rabat for the past 5 years with Ahmed.

The victory in Los Angeles was a significant turning point in Hajar's athletic career, but it was also a moment of reflection for her. Upon returning home, she opened up about her long-standing passion for cooking, a pursuit that had always been close to her heart. Recognizing her dreams, Ahmed supported her wholeheartedly, assisting her in enrolling in a prestigious culinary school. With determination and commitment, Hajar excelled in her studies and graduated as a skilled chef. Her journey in the culinary world began with an opportunity to work in a renowned restaurant, marking the start of her professional career as a chef.

Male and female tennis player; man has his around around young woman's shoulder.

Despite her new culinary endeavors, tennis remained an integral part of her life. The sport continued to bring her immense joy and satisfaction, serving as a reminder of her journey and her achievements. It was also a testament to her enduring bond with Ahmed who had been her pillar of strength and inspiration.

Hajar's commitment to tennis did not wane even as she pursued her culinary career. She continued to compete in national tennis tournaments, showcasing her talent and dedication. Her hard work paid off once again when she was selected for the World Games in Berlin in 2023. Competing on the international stage, she secured a commendable 4th place, further solidifying her status as a top-tier athlete.

The relationship between Ahmed and Hajar extends beyond the typical coach-athlete dynamic. Their collaboration is a profound example of mutual growth and learning. Through their shared experiences, they have navigated the challenges of both professional sports and personal aspirations. Their journey together underscores the importance of perseverance, the pursuit of excellence and the fulfillment of dreams.

Ahmed and Hajar's story is one of inspiration and resilience. It highlights how dedication and support can lead to extraordinary achievements, both on and off the field. Their teamwork has not only resulted in sporting success but also in personal growth and the realization of dreams. Their bond exemplifies the essence of mentorship and the transformative power of believing in one's potential

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