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World Games spotlight: Hamad Al-Ahbabi, Qatar

Hamad Al-Ahbabi on a bike with a helmet on.

Hamad Al-Ahbabi is excited to be competing in his first World Games—and he has worked hard for this opportunity. He’s learned a lot through sports, including perseverance. That’s because he missed out on his first major opportunity to compete—and it was a crushing blow.

Hamad was just 14 when he had the honor of being named to Team Qatar for the 2019 Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi. It was a team of impressive athletes and Hamad was training hard to bring his roller-skating skills and speed to the highest level. Then he got sick.

His illness hit just before the competition, and doctors said Hamad could not participate. The young teen was devastated, thinking he would never get the chance to go to a World Games ever again.

But, after a period of recovery and consistent good health, Hamad is back in action. Now 18, he feels even more ready to show off his athletic skills on behalf of his home country!

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