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World Games Spotlight: Rabah Knio, Lebanon

Rabah Knio-Lebanon smiling while someone helps him put the hood to his jacket on.

One of Team Lebanon's most versatile athletes, Rabah—who has Down syndrome—has excelled at both summer sports, including open water swimming and roller-skating, and winter sports, mainly specializing in alpine skiing.

While training for the 2013 World Winter Games, Rabah fell hard and was badly injured. Doctors told him that he’d never ski again, which was tragic news, because for Rabah, skiing was his most favorite sport his whole life.

However, Special Olympics coaches and volunteers, as well as his supportive family, helped him find new hope with a new sport. Then in his forties, he started a new chapter in his life: taking on open swimming. He started getting good, very good; and in no time, he joined Lebanon’s swim team and took part in the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles.

He also competed against swimmers from all across the Middle East and North Africa at the 2018 IX Special Olympics MENA Regional Games in Abu Dhabi. Now in his 50s, Rabah is taking his joyful spirit & talents to yet another sport: bowling!

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