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Special Olympics Youth of the Week: Jacob Baker and Jim Kinnard

Jacob Baker and Jim Kinnard, Unified pair from Special Olympics Idaho

Jacob Baker and Jim Kinnard are a Special Olympics Unified pair from Idaho. In July, Jacob and Jim attended the 2018 USA Games in Seattle to participate in the Youth Leadership Experience (YLE). They were chosen for the YLE because of their leadership skills and passion for inclusion. Afterward, they wrote about their experience.

"At the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games Youth Leadership Experience in Seattle, Jim and I learned so much about Unified programs and how we can make our school a Unified Champion School. We want everyone to feel the inclusion level we felt in Seattle, but in our everyday lives.

Our school, Lake City High School, is not currently a Unified Champion School, but Jim and I are going to work really hard to get it there. We know that the students inside our school are very caring and would love to help out. Lake City has great teachers and an amazing administration that are willing to work with us as well. We have even met with our new superintendent, who has a lot of prior knowledge and will be a stupendous asset in making Lake City Unified."

Click here to read their Medium post on what they hope to achieve next and their plans for the future.