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Celebrating Champion of Inclusion – Dr. Mohammad Haseeb Al-Bizri

Image reads on right "SO MENA Champion of Inclusion", on left image of Dr. Bizri wearing blue clinic scrubs smiling at the camera appears on bright yellow background.

Dr. Mohamad Haseeb Al-Bizri has been a part of Special Olympics Lebanon Healthy Communities for three years. He has proactively supported the movement of inclusion in Lebanon and always shows keen interest to change the lives of athletes through his skill.

In an impactful success story from Special Olympics Lebanon, Dr. Mohamad Bizri, renowned Doctor of Dental Surgery noticed a 23-year-old, Special Olympics athletics and basketball athlete, Malak Njouli, at the Healthy Athletes program Special Smiles screening in 2020. He immediately understood that Malak was hiding her teeth and even refraining from smiling! She required immediate attention to her teeth as her teeth were in poor condition and required straightening. With the support of the Healthy Communities Coordinator, Miss Amina Al Masri, Dr. Mohamad Bizri convinced his dental clinic colleagues to transform Malak’s life and replenish her beautiful smile. He provided her with braces and shared with her that braces require regular care and attention, and good oral hygiene is a must throughout treatment. After two successful screenings at the Bizri Dental Clinic in Saida, Lebanon, Malak was found smiling with joy! Malak was also confirmed to receive numerous follow-up sessions for regular check-ins on her braces as required.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when health facilities were hard to reach due to many curfews, Dr. Mohamad Bizri channeled his energy and efforts towards Special Olympics community once again and joined forces with Special Olympics MENA to deliver a virtual session on oral health.

He shared top tips of oral care with session participants including brushing teeth regularly, regular visits to the dentist, and limiting intake of sugary beverages. He emphasized that as per the World Health Organization, most oral hygiene conditions are largely preventable and can be treated in their early stages. Dr. Bizri’s dedication to increasing Special Smiles in his community is truly commendable.

Inclusion and equity in healthcare is a necessity, the approach to inclusive healthcare is demonstrated by action due to our healthcare champions of inclusion, such as the exemplary dentist, Dr. Bizri. Special Olympics MENA recognizes and celebrates our healthcare champions of inclusion working tirelessly with Special Olympics programs to create healthy communities.

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